Litter Boxes

A lot of people who are new to “the cat game” are lost when it comes to cats and their litter boxes.  Some cats are just…picky.


I have taken multiple “tom cats” from the streets who were unaltered.  It’s common for adult male cats to have litter box problems if you give them the wrong products.



IRIS Open Top Cat Litter Box

This is my go-to box for any cat.  It’s high, so it prevents cats from missing the box if they raise their little cat butts up as they go.  It also discourages cats who perch on the sides of boxes.  I have noticed that ferals feel more comfortable using this because they are surrounded by a wall, but they don’t feel trapped.  If you have a messy kitten who kicks their litter everywhere, this is a great option.




IRIS Large Split-Hood Litter Box with Scoop and Grate

This is another product by Iris that’s great for cats who don’t mind covered boxes.  It includes a grate in the front that helps catch litter as they exit.  I had never seen this box in stores, but a veterinarian who I used to pet sit for had it and it was so easy to clean that I had to look it up!





Booda Dome Cleanstep Cat Box

If you have to add a litter box to a carpeted area, this is great at keeping litter inside of the box.  It’s also great for larger cats who don’t mind a covered area.  I can easily clean the “steps” area off with a small brush and dust pan like the this one.





Non-slip Bathroom Rug Shag Shower Mat by Mayshine

 You could spend a lot of money on a litter mat that is hard to wash, or you can pick up a few washable bathroom mats that work much better!